Products and Systems


BPS AFRICA prides itself in being a solution provider. We look at your requirements, as well as your budget, and come with the best, most cost effective and high-quality solar power system possible.

Static Solar Power systems

Our static solar systems are built from the best quality components and technology available. We construct the Solar panel arrays on your roof or on a free standing heavy duty structure. The regulators, inverters and batteries can be housed in either an existing space or in an easily installed pre-wired container.

Mobile power plants

Take your solar power with you wherever you go with our mobile solar generators. You can have your self-sufficient generator up and running within 45 Minutes of parking your trailer. The mobile generators include solar panels, an inverter, a back-up generator and range from 1 and 5 KW of power supply.

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

Battery back-up power supplies are a must for many businesses, medical facilities and security firms. BPS AFRICA supplies self-contained “plug & play” battery banks that can offer autonomy for up to 14 days (depending on the system requirements).

Standardized Solar Sets

In some instances, a standardised solar power system may be the best option for you. We have put together a few sets that range from a simple lighting system to a full off grid system that can produce over 27k Wh per day. To make it easy for you, some of the smaller sets can even be set up yourself. All of the standard sets are easy to change and adjust to your personal needs at any time. Start the search for your perfect solar power system below.

Additional Components

BPS AFRICA also offers you additional components to improve your existing solar power system. These include:

• solar panels

• solar batteries

• charge controllers

• grid inverters

• bi-directional inverters

• battery monitoring systems


Below are some of our standard systems:
How much does it cost?

Buying a solar power system does not have to break the bank. It all depends on what you are looking for, your budget and your needs. At BPS AFRICA, we look at all your requirements and work out a cost that is accustomed to your needs. We make sure to use the best available components in our solar power systems to insure that you are getting all the value that you are paying for. In today’s economy, a solar electricity system is seen as a mid-long term investment, as you can save up to 95% of your total electricity costs.

Is it Affordable?

Although the initial cost of installing a solar power system may seem high, the future benefits are endless. An average household power system can be earned back with 5-6 years. This leaves you with about 20 years of free solar electricity.

With the currents rates and costs increasing over the years, a solar electricity system will end up being significantly cheaper that using electricity off the grid. Financial Providers are also getting on board to reduce their “carbon footprint” by offering many financing options for solar electricity systems and projects.

How can I get a quote?

BPS AFRICA is happy to design a quote for you. All we need from you is to fill out our inventory load list with your lights and appliances, so that we calculate the best option for your home or business.

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